Destructive testings

Sometimes it is necessary that the test object or material sample is stressed to its limits, loaded or even destroyed to gain certain results and insights regarding the chemical and physical properties of materials and assemblies. This may preclude further use or processing, but these special tests provide information about the general suitability of the material or component for a specific project or the ability to meet given requirements, respectively.

nsp Prüf- und Servicedienste offers the following destructive material testings, which of course are performed in accordance with customer requests and the standards:


Analysis by micrograph test:

  • Non-metallic inclusions
  • Degree of surface decarburization
  • Quality of grain structure
  • Corrosion of the surface
  • Mechanical defects
  • Defects within the surface
  • Hardness profiles
  • Determination of the hardness penetration depth

Load test by means of a hydraulic jack until the test object or test component breaks (a non-destructive method is also possible).

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